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In the depths of pain and sorrow,
I wonder what they revealed.
And I wish they gave friends a chance
Before their fate was sealed

I too have grappled
With loneliness and fear.
I often ponder the influence
Of the friends I keep so near.

I recall my best friend's words
When I am struggling with the unknown:
"I hope that you, and all my friends,
Never feel that alone."

Hearing sentiments so kind,
My eyes quickly blurred.
And in that moment,
It was a phrase I wish they'd heard.

But now it's too late;
That opportunity long past.
They have left behind survivors,
Who pray they're the last.

This world has lost too many
Who have chosen suicide.
So I've written this poem
For those who have died.

I beg you to take a moment,
To consider the words I've shared.
Because you can make a difference
When nobody else cared.

This is my way
Of giving back to a boy,
Who must not have realized
That he gave listeners such joy.

He had incredible talent
That was lost with his death.
What I wouldn't give
For him to take one more breath.

For me, poetry,
Is quite a remarkable thing.
It's a means of remembering
The value of living.


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