Me vs My reflection


Life just isn't fair!

What am I to do or say now?

This life became the death of me

I'm suffocating on air


But who cares?

I'm a loner!

Alone forever


But to have forever you have to live

But in reality I never..

Thought I'd be back here

Shattered pieces I'm left with

Broom and dustpan on standby


But this broken heart of mine can't take the stress

Now all I do is cry

I cry because it hurts!

Taking hits in the same spot

Cause I'm a punching bag remember

Can the punishment please just stop!


*Silence? I'm done!

Perspective? I can't see!

My life? It's a constant black and white! Gray is all I'll ever be!*


Friends? I'm alone

I have the voices in my head

They're at a constant tug of war

Which ends in me wishing for death!


*frustration turned to anger

Anger turned to tears

The tears soaking my shirt and sleeves became my biggest fear*


I broke down in school!

That shit isn't cool!

I'm not doing it for attention!

You're in control, you told me too!


I have this emptiness inside me

Which doesn't make sense

Because all this is spilling out of me

Like a wound. From a senseless..



I’ll let it bleed

Don’t know if I’ll heal

but I guess we will see


But the flip side to my pain

The good I see in the opposite

It’s detrimental to my living

So I take it as a loss, and a gain


At least it gave me something to write about.

I rarely write about what makes me happy

Cause the thing is...

I rarely am!


And you!

Don’t act so innocent

you’re just as guilty

and you don’t know what to make of it!


I created you cause I was in need

But now, you refuse to leave


As much as I try to force you out

And try to forget

you keeps coming back

like a boomerang

And I keep taking the hit


Do you even feel pain?

I look at you and you smile in vain


Cause this is all a joke to you

Cause you, you don’t have to deal


The thing I’ve grown to realize is,

you aren’t even real


When i’m gone you don’t exist!

Which can mean, this here

is nonexistant


Cause I’m a ghost

No recognition when I am seen

And so easily invisible





I’m done with you!


*You can never be done with me.

You need me to survive


It’s true I laugh at your pain

but you need it to feel alive


I’m more than your reflection

I am everything you wish you could be

I’m good looking

And strong too!

Not to mention,

I have no feelings!*



You need me as much as I need you!

If you’re real

and what you say is true

Then since I am nothing

Guess what!





We are one in the same

but live on different planes

Your existence is limited

To when I reflect


It’s Me Vs. You

Battle of the century

I’m just waiting

for you to die off

And become less

than a mere memory


We’re done here

Me Vs. My reflection

A bottled up mess of emotion

People chose to neglect him

We fight alone

Yet together

he’s there when I need to reflect

Cause that’s what he represents

My life in flash

Where I’ve been to where I am

i see it in the blink of an eye

Cause that’s me

No more denying

No longer Me Vs. My reflection

We are Me

I’ll have to accept it



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