May I be honest? May

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 19:42 -- Hskye
May I be honest? May I speak my mind? 
Would you still care, even if I crossed a line? 
Or would my words become remnants of these broken halls, the walls echoing the cries of those never found
If I spoke my mind, would you still care about me? 
If I told you everything I've ever did, if I told you about how I lived, would you still hang around or would you leave town? 
If I opened up  my heart, and let you rummage around,  would you care for it's broken contents, or would you make sure it was never found? 
If I shared my story, and what I've been through, would you share it with everyone you met, or would it be a secret, something you'd never confess.
If you realized I was a mess, would you leave me to fix myself, or would you carefully help me change?
If you new everything about me,  even the horrible parts, would you run in fear, or hold me near? 
If I shared my fears, and  my tears, would you laugh at me? Or would you try to see things from my point of view? 
If you really new everything about me, would you refuse to stay, would you walk away? 
If you knew how difficult it is to love a person like me, would still try despite everything? 


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