~ A Masquerade

Tue, 07/07/2015 - 16:04 -- illona

Obsessed by what I'm supposed to be.

But aren't I supposed to be free.

Free to thrive

not only survive

in this world.

Always racing and chasing to succeed

based on greed.

When our successes are based on performance

it becomes a show

masquerading to get our own dough.

Doubting ourselves

because of what the man or in fact woman

forces us to believe him or herself.


But can't we just be present.

In this moment.

Remember that we need to break the cycle

of endless questioning that we reuse and recycle.

Isn't it time that we realised that these questions

never materialise.

And just let it be.

'Cause I am just me.



I, who wants to be free.

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