A peice of me is broken inside.

The weakness is what I am trying to hide.

For years and years, I have been so strong,

I do not want people to know what is wrong.

Make-up and clothing brands are just objects to aid,

Since I am afraid I will be on the other side of their blade.


Nobody really understands

why my true love is dance.

They do not realize that every time I play piano,

the melody is my thoughts that they will never know.


I am misunderstood,

completely, obliviously over-looked.

So why be myself

around people who think I am someone else?


People's ideas of me have been set,

now there are expectations to be met.

I guess its just society playing its part,

but I am too worried to have a new start.


What happens if I ruin it all?

What happens if people see behind this wall?

The strength is yet another facade,

but in the end, you too were fooled by my masquerade.



Wow. I really liked this! Very raw....and honest! :)

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