Masks and Mirrors


As the clock tolls two, the truth comes out

as eyelids droop and guards come down

And bridges and gates give way to reveal

the best-kept secrets of the crown–

All honored guests are not as they appear.

Silk sashes hide stains of wine and blood

and masks make bad intentions look good

and the greatest offenders, it is revealed

could charm even cold-blooded snakes with their looks

they're the brightest and the shiniest in the world.

In close company at night, we bare our souls in a way

we wouldn’t dream possible during the day,

And we find to our surprise that it relieves the weight

that threatens to crush us where we stand.

So why do we stop? Of what are we afraid?

Of what am I afraid? Vulnerability.

Honesty’s hard when there’s so much to lose;

to the left and the right, all eyes are on you,

Or maybe they’re not, but you’ll never know

Truth be told, you don't really want to.

So for our own protection, we hide

behind practiced smiles and crystalline lies.

We go broke on concealer to hide trails of tears–

tombstones of weak moments that betrayed our worst fears–

But don’t worry, no one saw you. They were

Looking in mirrors.

The chinks in your armor, they’ve always been there,

And as old holes get patched, new ones will appear.

But the truth is, we’re too old and tired to care–

For better, and for worse.

So join us in the ballroom,

step in time into the fray;

The madness grows dark as secrets as

the sky fades from black to gray.

Some say the intrigue will suffice to drive a person insane, but

A room full of scared strangers makes for a hell of a masquerade.


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