Married To A Bully


United States
42° 43' 39.4896" N, 71° 12' 15.3432" W

I love you, I hate you, Its all the same,
Your always telling me I'm to blame.
Ending this marriage, your speaking of,
Doing it in spite, not for love.
Its the best for me, and my child,
Pack up and leave, cops are dialed.
All this abuse you say I give,
It's oppression and tyranny in which i live.
Always waiting from day to day,
Pondering the threats that come my way.
Cops I'll call, you question me again,
How can you live with all your sin.
My mother has rights, to baby, you don't,
This house you'll leave, No I won't.
Easy way, hard way, the choice is yours,
Life was so much simpler fighting wars.
Not much of an option you give me now,
In front of the judge, you will bow.
Excuses are flying to and frow,
Everything your saying is really low.
You've said enough, my turn to talk,
Your crimes committed, the reason i walk.
Hitting and punching, never, you swore,
Broken promises, same as before.
I always thought, possibility of change,
For every person, its in their range.
You decided to not even try,
All the hope you gave me, was just a lie.
All of your sins, your deception shown,
This is to much to take, I'd rather be alone.
Sign the papers, and lets be done,
All this time fighting, its you thats won.
In all honesty, you'll truly be missed,
My feelings never changed, from first kiss.
You'll always be my first, my only, my true love,
I'm sorry for this, my beautiful Turtle Dove.

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