A Man's Man's Man's World


Why can a man walk free

down the street, without a care

in the world, and a pep

in his feet? But a woman must 

leer, must live in a constant fear

that a man's touch or sneer 

will make her innocence disappear.

Men don't have to cover their drink

or cringe when they get an unsolicited wink

They don't give a second blink

because there's nothing to rethink.

And yet women must take time,

attend classes to prevent the crimes

which haunt each and every other's mind

and yet most men will never find

as one of their own personal cares

unless the lady who's threatened is theirs

and in love the two do share

but still the issue isn't fair.


Why can a man choose however to dress

without giving a care or feeling the stress

that a woman does, now her outfit's a guess,

hopefully this time one that will offend a little less?

Why can't she show some skin?

What does that do to offend, when right

around the bend, is the video store with even

skimpier outfitted women to lend?

Our world is stuck in a spiral, I'm 

beginning to think it's a lot cause

to hope for some equality, some enforcement

to our natural human laws.


Neither women or men should live in fear

of being attacked on the street,

we need not this cause for tears.

But when the women are raised

in this society with its eyes glazed

over, seeing nothing in the pain of its

citizens, founders and new leaders,

they begin to perpetuate the stereotype 

on themselves.

And the victim becomes the stigma.

The problem becomes the excuse.

And all we are left with 

is tragedy and abuse.










I Completely Agree! This is absolutely amazing.

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