A Man

I never knew I could love someone who had so many demons in his past life.

I told myself I would find a man that had no damagning baggage, 

a man that could never describe to me what an inside of a jail cell looked like, 

or how exhilarating it felt to stick a needle in his arm. 

Or how pleasurable it was to naste liquor on his lips.

But what really hit me hard, was the encounter he had with his addictions. 

The words cut deep, to see a man that I love narrate the burning sensation 

from head to toe, to fatigue, the hunger and the suffering,

to put the needle down and to withdraw from it all. 

To see the man that I love fight off his demons. 

A beautiful, strong, virtious man in my eyes had all this distrubance that I

was ignorant to find. 

This man, is the man I am in love with today. 

To witness him overcome his strugle, makes me forever greatful that I

had the honor to meet this man and to fall in love.


This poem is about: 
My family


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