Mama, Where Did You Go?

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 11:52 -- Rkrenek


Mama, where did you go?

We're playing hide and seek, and I just don't know

If you're behind the couch or under the bed.

But when I find you, my joy will show.

This five year old loves mama with her whole heart so.


Mama, where did you go?

I'm doing my homework, and I need you so.

You have a headache, but you make time for me.

If you are in misery, it doesn't show.

This twelve year old loves you, she wants you to know.


Mama, where did you go?

This hospital bed is scary when I'm alone.

You're here aren't you, can't you come to me?

Nurse, where is my mama? Do you know?

Please tell me this fifteen year old isn't being hit with a deathblow.


Mama, where did you go?

I don't believe that drunk driver really took your soul.

My heart is black and empty,

and I need you so.

This sixteen year old just feels so alone.


Mama, where did you go?

Is that you looking down in that rainbow?

It is full of love and life, just like you.

You make time for me, though you're not here.

This seventeen year old feels you mama,

Your love is so present now, as I feel the wind blow.



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