Make Me Forget

Make Me Forget

Kiss me so that I forget what his lips taste like
Touch me so I no longer feel him
Discover new places his hands never been
Stare at me till I no longer see his eyes
Smile at me so his smile haunts me no longer
Whisper words to me that he doesn't understand
Bathe yourself in a scent that is not his
Hold me so tight that I forget what his hugs feel like
Sing to me so his
voice is unfamiliar
Say something witty with a blank stare so that I forget his smirk

Make me forget everything he made me feel.
The way we floated above life
How everything slowed down when he touched me
How his kisses made love to my heart
How my mind surrendered to bravery
How fear was nonexistent with him
How we pushed each other toward our dreams
How we lost each other when the path broke off
How I cried when we weren't connected anymore
How I was lost when I lost him
Help me erase him
Be everything he is not
Make me forget
That I still love him 



i love this. 

Nellii Jean

Thank you. :)


I love this poem , very powerful .

Nellii Jean

Thank you so much.


i like it.


This is so beautiful.


I've never even reached that level of intimacy with someone. Better to have loved and lost. Great poem. I admire the strength in your voice and beautifully portrayed passion.

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