Make Life Awesome


Life is a real tricky thing to know about.

The meaning of life isn’t money or things you got,

it’s the people who love you and what you are not.

Because what you aren’t shows off who you can be

and who you can be is everything.


If only you believe in where you could end up,

then life is awesome because you won’t get stuck.

And even if you fall down a time or two,

what you believe in WILL get you through.


And when you make it to that other side,

you’ll turn around and say, “What a ride!”

Because all that crap that you thought you couldn’t get through,

all that mess you thought was the end of you,

THAT is what pushed you farther,

and THAT is why you stood stronger.


And now, though you aren’t there yet,

and it seems as hard as it can get,

life is awesome and I’ll tell you why.

Because You are who You are,

and you   will   never   hide.


Take the challenges; take them head on.

You can do whatever you want, your future’s not gone.

Never forget that YOU are what makes your life great.

Because life is awesome, no matter what a toll it may take.


Life’s not just what you make it,

it’s what you want it to be.

You can pull yourself out of anything.

Living life is what makes existing in it awesome.

So go, do, and chose to be you.


And on the day you decide,

to really live that life and never hide,

I promise you, I swear on MY life,

that the awesomeness will never,

ever, die.

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Our world


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