I look at into the mirror

At my clean face,

Preparing to paint on the

Exterior what everyone expects to see.

I start with my skin;

The record of my aging.

I take my foundation and

Create the tanned porcelain

That I wish was mine on its own.

I cover the dark circles under my eyes

So my lack of sleep goes undetected-

I don’t like answering questions.

I blush my cheeks to create the

Illusion of life that is meant to be

Burning bright within me.

Next, I add eyeliner to make my eyes

Seem bigger, more curious, to

mask the cynic behind my light irises.

Finally, I lengthen my lashes and add

Color to my pale lips.

I look in the mirror again

And see the person that

I have always wanted to be,

Staring back at me. 


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