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This being does not steal your blood. No, it steals something that could be considered much more precious
Seconds to minutes Seem too vacant For our empty minds, Full upon request. So many find pause Staggeringly scary. Fearful of the thoughts, Frantic for that box.
Dear Cellphone,   I’m addicted to your blue light, That keeps me wide awake at night. The comforting glow that I’m sure you all know
When you look in my phone. There is something lost in one simple glance;  The existence that defines me. A piece of me that I couldn't bury at birth.    Photos of my loved ones overflow the drive, 
In this world we inhabitseconds move quick as a rabbit and all humans grow obliviouscaring only for what is frivolous  Oblivious to the birdsmoving in herds Oblivious to trees dancingand leaves lively prancing All humans grow oldstaring into a the
I cant live without my IPhone.
You ask me this question    and I fire back, Why? If you knew me    you'd know this So don't ask me to lie. I'm not like other kids    who want friends or family. I'm not like other kids
A rectangular object that fits into my hand, An object which contains information from all around the world
Accepted. “In the loop”. Everyone wants to feel that way That’s why people look at their phones 34 times a day They never put their headphones away It feels so nice to have something to say That’s why . . .
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