Love Struck Fool


Flowing words of love flow like music for you

Your barbed phrases tearing my defenses

Steal my light, my hope 

Take it for yourself since I wouldn't mind it since it's you

I would give it all; I'd rip myself bloody 

All to make sure you end up on top 

How ironic it is that I can care for you

When it's obvious you hold no emotion other than disdain

Yet though this is so I can't help but notice that you're my consistent shadow

Always there underfoot, undermining all my efforts

It brings you great pleasure to see others hurt

To watch them cry out in pain as you stand above the carnage

Everything about you should repel me

Yet I'm drawn to you like a moth to flame

I know what will happen; I know the consequences 

Yet my heart won't listen to my gut

My body in chaos with you plaguing my mind

Can't seem to rid myself of this virus

Systems all corrupted yet I'm fighting

Fighting against the inevitable chasm that will swallow me

I cringe from what the future will be but I can't help but wait for it to come

The day when I will be one with you even if it means my destruction

Don't you see how much of a love struck fool I am?

It's all thanks to you that I'm this way now

I'm your love struck fool


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