The Love Poem


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United States
32° 44' 27.5208" N, 117° 14' 59.91" W

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me explain the basics to you. 
Relationships are so overrated. 
The way they're talked up about 
And drooled over makes me 
Somewhat blue. 

What ever happened to the aspiration
To be independent,
To be yourself,
To be happy? 
Now it's all about the perfect kiss 
In the perfect time
Like we see on TV. 

Relationships are overrated. 
The standards people set 
Are so high that people forget 
That the idea of "Prince Charmig,"
Is completely outdated. 
There is nothing wrong with
Going day to do alone honey,
It's forgotten that you are just 
Not lonely. 

Relationships in context if falling
In love with that one person is 
Becoming a new trend. 
So much that nowadays 
People are getting together because 
On Facebook they have that 
One mutual friend. 

In this time, 
Relationships are overrated. 
People are forgetting that 
Relationships are meant for love,
Not because they feel obligated. 

I see and hear about people 
Getting together through lust and
Because they look cute. 
It leads me to wonder if they 
Would've gotten together if
One was blind and the other was 


I know I'm quite young to be 
Talking about love,
But sometimes that's the only 
Thing keeping me 
When push comes to shove. 

People are so overrated 
That people don't know what 
They really are anymore. 
A relationship isn't when they
Kick and curse at you while
You choke in a pool of blood on 
Your own kitchen floor. 
A relations hop isn't when you 
Justify their wrong
When you knew they were going
To do it all along. 
A relationship isn't when you claim 
You're in love with them from
Head to feet,
But you're finding satisfaction
In someone else's sheets. 
A relationship isn't when you care
More about how many followers 
They have on Instagram and Twitter 
Rather than how shallow and 
Ignorant their are that it
Makes them quite bitter. 

Those relationships are overrated
And they 

We need to romanticize the 
Relationships that give you
Butterflies and fill your heart
With so much joy it might pop. 
The relationships that have 
Ups and downs 
But the amount of smiles always 
Exceed the amounts of frowns. 
The relationships where you're 
Infatuated with the way they 
Sleep on their side and
How they hold their favorite pillow
While their left arm droops 
Over the side of the bed like
The branch of a willow. 
The relationships where you've
Memorized the sound of their voice
And you would rather fight with
Them everyday  
Than anyone else because to 

there's no other choice.

The relationships where you 
Fall in love with all of their flaws
Or how their fingers run across
The lace if your bra. 
You learn to fall in love with how
They describe their favorite food,
And how they can change your 
Rainy day into a perfect mood. 
The relationships where when 
It's like you're experiencing the place
From up above, 
And when you connect when 
Your damp skin collides 
While making perfect love. 
The relationship that remains upon
Your lips like an unforgettable song,
How your lost vulnerable being
Found what it has been searching

It needs to be learned that 
Love is love,
And it's the only thing that 
Could make you feel like
It's was a gift to you from 
Someone up above. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 
This idea may just be new to you,
But trust me, 
Now you will know when the relationship
Is right...

And that the love is true.


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