Love Poem #2

The sky is broken

and I wish I could know why

because right now it feels

like the only one who will understand.

There used to be flowers on or fingertips

but they wilt with every word.

My words are a waterfall

My words are true

and I know you hear them

you’re drowning in them

But you can’t make sense of them like

I can’t make sense of you.

I’m talking to the you I know

about the you I don’t

because the you I know cares,

and the you I don’t know breaks me.

My blood has turned into salty tears

My bones are glass

that has been shattered

but you still cling to me

because your bones are sand

You pull me in,

hold me,

your ribs meet my ribs

and I think about

if I were to step away you would fall

but I can’t step away

because you will never let go

and neither will I

Your breath is “I love you”

and mine is “it will be ok”

The sky is broken

and I may be too

but through the broken clouds the

moon still shines


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