Love is patient, you are slow

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 10:30 -- ccballi

Love is patient.

Love is patient.

Love is patient and that is a good thing, my love,

because you

Are slow.


I loved you when you had zits and braces,

And I will love you wrinkled and gray.

Your face isn't what I love you for,

but it would be nice if you would show

Show up, show your face

Instead you make me wait.


Love, you are late

A few years.

I told you where I was.

I've been here

Loving patient, loving slow

Loving from a distance.

Getting old.


I made my love known

To you

And you reciprocated

But you are slow and love is patient,

So I have waited.


Please come soon

With not another "on my way"

No more "not now"

Come as you are

Love, be here

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This is seriously beautiful! It's probably way more heart wrenching for me than it has any right to be, just wow.


Thanks for reading and for your response! I'm so glad you got enjoyment out of it. :)


Love it!


I'm glad! Thank you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

enjoy the simplicity and honesty of this poem

keep building off your creative mind


Thank you for the feedback!



Kimberly Jackson

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