The Love I Lost For You

I remember the rain that day.
That day I saved your life.

I remember the way I loved you.
Without regret, never doubting.
All my life.

I remember your lips on mine.
The way you pressed against my chest.
Your weight, your beauty.
You saved my life.

I remember we'd die to save each other.
Our hands clasped tight.
Neither wanting to live without the other.
I would give my life.

I remember the pain I felt.
The day I lost you.

I remember the torture I endured for you.
The memories I lost for you.
The lies I believed for you.
I saved your life.

And now, I have you back.
But I am more lost than ever.

I can't remember anymore.
The love I felt for you.
The love has been replaced with hate.
And hate is what I feel for you.



Do you love me?

Must I ask twice?

I thought we'd love forever,

Yet there seems there is a price.

The love we shared was precious.

I treasured it with all my heart.

But now you take my feelings.

And pin them with a dart.

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