Love Hurts

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 15:21 -- ZNobles


They look perfect on the outside

Everyone wants their relationship

Nobody know what happens behind closed doors

Nobody hears her screams at night


She keeps a fake smile on her face

Constantly convincing herself it’s ok

Her heart is hurting

Hoping one day the pain will end


It wasn’t like this in the beginning

He used to worship the ground she walked on

Calling her beautiful at any given moment

He was her prince charming


Now he calls her ugly

Now he calls her stupid

He punches her as if she were a wall

He talks as if she were an item


She cakes make up on her face

Trying to hide the bruises

I’m sorry, he says

I love you, he says


Is this what love is

Purposely hurting someone

Torturing them daily

Tearing their confidence into pieces


Nobody will ever love you but me

She’s trapped in the relationship

He doesn’t care about her tears

He doesn’t care about her pain


But it’s not his fault right

This is how he grew up

Seeing his dad beat his mom all his life

We should cut him some slack right, wrong


One day it’s too late

She let this go on too long

He hit her too hard

Now she can never walk again


But they were the perfect couple

Everyone says

He would never hurt her

They say


Silence cost her, her life

Putting on a front cost her, her life

Fake smiles cost her, her life

Love cost her, her life


She is invisible

Nobody will ever know her story

Nobody will ever understand her story

Nobody will ever feel her pain


All people know is they were in love

All people know is they were the perfect couple

If love is supposed to feel good

Then why did it hurt so bad 


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