Love Does Not Need

You are changed by the decisions you make, as well as the one’s you don’t

Decisions of love are often done blind

Taking advantage of the first sign of your deepest insecurities

You were once young and vulnerable, when they said they needed you

They told you that they had no reason to live

But you worked hard to make them happy

You felt worthless when nothing worked

Every time they were down, you went down with them

You started to feel like everything you ever wanted, wasn’t important anymore

But being with the one you loved was good enough

They started to blame you as the cause for their suffering

You started to believe them

They begged you to stay when you were being pushed to leave

They made you confused about your worth

You couldn’t take it anymore

They had taken your confidence

But your inner voice was not dead; it told you to be brave

You left to find happiness and gave yourself the time you needed to heal

The guilt of feeling happiness, when someone else couldn’t

Made you hold onto you happiness that much more, it willed you forward

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Our world


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