Love Changed Me

It's crazy to think 

it been only a year.

So much has changed 

it's all such a blur. 


We started out strange,

awkward, and 



Now as a year draws near,

it is easy to see.

Without you by my side,

I just wouldn't be me. 


You have taught me to drive stick,

lay floor, and

play league. 


But looking back now,

I see you taught me much more.

In just this one year 

I've learned more than before. 


I learned to be happy,

not cry, and 

not stress. 


You taught me to forgive,

be kind, and 

forget all the struggle 

that made me so tense. 


I do have to say,

without you, 

I'd be mean.


My favorite thing

about this past year, 

is that I learned how to love

and it changed me. 








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