Love That Blooms Through Long Distance Gloom

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 00:01 -- dzeni32

 Dear Far-Away Love, 



 Yes, I know today is another day                       


with you over there and me over here 


So very far away... 



Yes, I know it's hard sometimes to see


all of the heartache ceasing   


And a forever that consists of you and me...   



Yes, I know time seems to be inching along


'till the day we meet 


But with you I truly belong... 



Yes, I know you are not by my side


reassuring me in everything I do 


Still I feel our souls are unified... 



Yes, I know our love is restricted by the phone


we cannot embrace, cannot touch


Though you make me feel less alone...



Yes, I know people won't believe it's true


that long distance never works 


And there can never be a me and you...



Yes, I know we've never met face-to-face and said hello 


know with every passing minute my love


My adoration for you continues to grow ❤️




-Your favorite human being 



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