Love is a four letter word

with a lot of deep meaning.

You search and search for the one,

and once you found it,

you want them to stay.

It all starts out with happiness and joy

telling each other, you are amazing to me.

You feel like the most amazing person.


As weeks turn into months

things dont seem the same,

conversations go dull, and you feel wierd.

You dont know what to say,

the feelings dont feel right,

and you begin to question why.

You say you'd love each other forever

but you know forever is too long.


Now you dont know what to do,

you cant find the right words to say, 

and yet, you still say you love each other.

But things get old, and you crave the new.

You wind up fighting and feelings get hurt

and things are said that you cant take back

you wish you could, but you know you cant.

It was one of your biggest mistakes.


You say im sorry over and over, 

but it feels like nothing changes.

It makes you feel worse inside,

so again you apologize to make things better,

and truth be told, it still doesnt change.

Now you really dont know what to do.

You feel helpless and hopeless,

because the relationship begins to deplete.


but you feel the need to change things

so once again you say your sorry, 

and that you will always love each other

You exchange good byes and then

tears start streaming from your eyes

you hate yourself and you feel so wrong.

Your heart is broken and you dont

know what to feel or believe anymore


Later you realize what love did to you, 

it left you alone and empty

pain stricken and in agony.

You think love will never come back to you,

but in reality it will get better,

because love is not a fairy tale

that you can control for yourself

Love, is your destiny...


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