You know that place between sleep and awake?
The place where you're completely aware of everything, but you can't really move.
The place where you can recall every lovely thing you've ever dreamed of or had happened realistically to you.
The place where you're listening, but you can't really hear, or speak, or smile, or laugh.
The place where you know you're unable to do anything even if you tried.
The place where you can still listen to the voices in your head and hear all of your failures, and cry even though you can't do anything else.
This is the place I'm in everyday.
While you're waking from your nightmare, this is where I sit.
Day after day.
Night after night.
Voice after voice.
Dream after dream.
The only difference here is that this is real.
I'm not half-sleep.
I'm not half-awake.
I'm just here.


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