Losing my Path

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 17:16 -- ayreial


New York
United States

I cry at night only to wake up feeling sober

i got demons on my back because im a sinner not a lover

i give up on my happiness to make others feel at peace

but what do u think would happen if i decided on only me


like, would you really suffer, would you really sense some distress

does it really bother you so much if i say love's worth less than sex

at this point i'm living a lie, i'm not doing fine, i'm giving up on friends, before they get the chance to fly


and love is synthetic while hate naturally grows in the garden of eden

i'm looking into the mirror, unaware of the man that i'm seeing

im walking with a deadly sin while losing my path

and then i realize that im no longer on righteousness, i sing with wrath


why can't i go back to that kid that used to sing hendrix and dance outside a cage

instead of lost in a matrix, my mind's torn, and i'm trapped inside of a maze


i just want the world to go back to the sepia times of the 90's

but it's time to grow up, but i'm scared of who im going to be


so someone please help me while i can still smile and laugh

cause i haven't stopped walking and i know that im losing my path




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