This world is spinning at a steady pace,
When we create all that we are ready to make,
We can make a change, because this is our time,
As we watch the clouds fly across the sky,
Or when we see flower petals start to cry,
Thinking to ourselves, flexing the will,
Like when we focus on the natures thrill,
About how to better ourselves,
Facing the erosion of time,
As the days change,
And it all becomes real,
We are who we are,
And the world is changing,
Stressed by population and civilization.
Technology is changing who we are,
And the cliches of our interpretation.
But love is what keeps us dreaming,
War is becoming so last season,
And life may be our reason, 
These are the hopes of our generations,
The tale of an optimist and a pessimist obscure our union,
From what the truth is, which may be a divine comedy,
So goes the imperfection of society,
A world afraid of pain, we think the truth hurts,
Sometimes I just wanna look in the future,
Because when I look in the sky all I see is the past,
Perfect is what we think to, wanting change for the kids that are born,
Our society may be so, but in time we will think back too,
And compare, its just what we do, 
But my heart will never say bye to you,
To live life, is what we drink too, 
The memories of our friends makes me thankful,
But if your in my head, then my heart will never say bye to you.


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