The Looking Mirror "Sauntering Transgression"


Mirror, o' mirror

Clung upon my wall.

Reveal unto me Life

Or, blessed Death shall befall!


A Frankenstein of thought

Molded by the Divine.

A Mad hatters’ noxious creation,

Strangulated by the hands of Time.


Gaze deeply into my eyes

For nihility can be seen within.

Perpetual judgment embeds like scarabs

Burrowing into my patch-worked skin.


No heart to beat, or soul to bear

Jus’ hidden ruptures of missing bone.

Disinterred and clogged with bottled emotion;

Isn’t my body quite cleverly sewn!?


Shall I become an amputee?

A cadaver for the living

To rive open the stitches

That seam my well-being!?!


Come on,

Just take a whiff of my rotting flesh;

Here, have yourself a peek!

My maggoty intestines do have a scrumptious story to dish!

Ahhhhh yesss!…

Feast upon my reek!!


You are turning putrid green I can see!




Has Leprosy yet flaked away your eyes?!

Show my internal bleeding of which you have caused!

Or can you not stomach your own lies?!





No matter the motions I stir,

Maybe it’s just a reflection not of me...

Did that thought ever occur?


Upon the Looking Mirror

I see my altered image.

Myself, unrecognizable, to all

Entranced in a harrowing grimace.


Lost upon a dreary road

I search for my true reflection.

Boundless speculation will clearly be shown,

In my Sauntering transgression of misconception.



Amazing poem! The imagery is astounding, especially in the lines "Just take a whiff of my rotting flesh; / Here, have yourself a peek! / My maggoty intestines do have a scrumptious story to dish!." You successfully utilize all five senses, and I understood the deep inner struggles that the speaker goes through in order to find who they truly are. I also enjoyed the references to literary characters like Frankenstein and the Mad Hatter- both people who don't have their own true identity but who are rather mixed up in the worlds they live in. Have you ever thought of combning your poem with multimedia? I think this poem would make an awesome song or even a video.


Your words are very inspiring! It was created for utilization as a Poetic Monologue, but I have been considering multimedia!


You hit it right on the spot for what I was aiming. This piece rather conveys attention not only from the speaker/writer to the mirror, but also to himself (reflection). At some point in life, we all lose our identity because we are given one at birth. I have lost mine, and created who I truly feel I am.


This person, not only corresponds with his reflection, but targets his audience (when describing his intestines).


I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I wanted something vividly dark to be beautiful.







It was just morbid enough to get my attention and more than interesting enough to make me read it again!


You are a phenomenal writer yourself pensivetwirl, and I am honoured to have you comment such kind words about my written piece!




Jonathon Lee Singler


Kinda got me wondering where the Lewis Carrol 100% similarity was. Had that Jabberwocky, Alice in Wonderland kind of fantasy land vibe. I think I read this in a mix of an English Scottish accent aha. 

On a serious note though I liked the elevation of the mood and I felt this drop after the sigh as if the building emotion faded into a melancholy end so let's just go out on a limb and say that was pretty awesome. Obviously what makes the poem though is the final line "In my Sauntering transgression of misconception"   


Even on the joking note, "There is always 10% truth to every joke"-Virgilio Davis



I appreciate your critique and what you found internally from reading my poem. You as well have hit it on the head. I didn't want a resolution or to create any happiness. I wanted the emotion to linger on, like the stench of death. He falls back into self introspection. Most people are almost expecting a moment of self truth,  and a turn around into something happier. However, my intent was something of more realism. I wanted to grasp not only the attention of those reading and listening to my work, but to incorporate them into it. Maybe like a 4-Dimensional Poem...


I wanted to take thoughts so "Twisted" and "Vivid", and create something Dark with a touch of morbid beauty for the reader and audience to see in there own eyes.

Thank you once again for the comment!




Jonathon Lee Singler

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