Looking for Him

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 05:25 -- Gracett


United States
39° 48' 26.5572" N, 75° 0' 9.7092" W
It feels rather cold tonight
Without your hands to hold
And the slience of the night echoes throughout,
The sound of  loneliness blaring loud
Your name, a single word at the tip of my tongue,
Waiting to be said, wanting to be heard
The memories we made, now bittersweet
Have you forgotten we once loved deep?

Tell me how I'm gonna walk by each day
When you're not here to lead the way
Lost, with no direction at all
Going around the places we've been to
Blindly, I walked the streets we once crossed,
Calling out your name, hoping for a response
Deluding myself that one day you'll be back

Crying hard beneath the rain,
Because waiting for you is driving me insane
How could I get this heart beating again?
Without you, it has never felt the same
You never know the endless nights of despair
The dreams I now came to dread
Because it's only then I could hold you again

It suffocates, to hold back the tears
They cloud my sight, choked my words
Broke my heart countless times when the  person beside was never you
I don't need someone new, because all I loved was always you
And one day I'll hope to see your face again when I comb the streets
But until then, I'll continue looking for you.


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