Looking for Daddy


Daddyless girl grows up missing a piece to her puzzle
She spends her life looking for the resolution to all her troubles
What she doesn't understand she can't use a man to fill he void

Daddyless girl continues to confuse love, lust, and infatuation
She has given too many men her trust
Relationships being built with a faulty foundation
She cannot be alone
When she's done with one somewhere anywhere she will find another
She's too dependent
She's addicted to love and the idea of it

Daddyless girl all grown up still no daddy
So now she's a a daddyless woman
Five beautiful children by five different men
What she doesn't realize there is no need to look for another man again
Five children are more than enough to fill the void in her heart
Her need for love just spreads her and the kids further apart

Daddyless girl is so blind
The hurt in her children's eyes she cannot see
Family tries to tell her the extent of the damage
But she seems to disagree
Her need for love overpowers the needs of the children

Once daddyless girl is done with one man she is also done with the child created from that relationship
She continuously lets her words slip
You look like your father she shouts
She doesn't have the time or patience to do homework with them
She doesn't have time for that motherly unconditional love
So one by one each child ends up living with their fathers
Because mommy just can't be bothered

Daddyless girl fails to realize you don't need to have a child with everyone you fall for
Work with what you already have
These kids are the ones you should adore
When will she realize the damage she has caused looking for the one?

Daddyless girl is still out looking for daddy
She doesn't know she needs to heal the wounded little girl in her first
Daddy's absence cannot be reversed
She doesn't know that because she was daddyless she is now leaving her children motherless


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