"I walk down these streets and see the flowers line the wall, 

I walk down these streets and see the buildings grow so tall,

I would enjoy them, trust me, I have the time,

But I cannot enjoy them, there are people who think I will commit a villanous crime,


They don't need to say it, their looks make it clear,

They stand there and look at me like a hunter at a deer,

Am I not the same as you? I had a mother,

Am I not the same as you? We are sisters and brother,


Look at the world around you, so pretty as can be, 

But look through my eyes and you'll find it's not the same, no, not for me,

Open your heart, because ours is slowly breaking, 

It's hard to trust one another because it's equality we're faking. "

-Man of Another Race


"My soul is in pain, it's just so hard to understand,

Opening my eyes, I just want want to forget and not take a stand,

But my heart is open, my eyes are clear,

Something brought us together, now we are here,


I may not be able to change everyone's mind, 

Because not everyone wants to be so kind, 

But I'll do my part, it's my duty to deliver, 

We are all brothers and sisters, love and fear makes us all quiver.


No more hiding the truth, we're not being fair,

I'll bring myself to treat everyone with equality, no more careless glares,

I want to make this world better for you and me,

I want to look through their eyes and see what it could be."








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