Backround: The girl’s family has had a lot of problems. Still trying to find her way, she has to deal with her family’s problems and mistakes daily.


Life is a burden to this girl, it feels as though it always wants to tear her apart.

There’s always tons to deal with in her world,  but sticking it through is her art


She comes home one day to find her mother in a fright, wide eyed not knowing what’s goin on

“Mommy,” she says “what do you sight?, What have you been staring at for so long?”


She says to me, “Honey, it’s nothing,” and she shuts herself in a room

When she comes out I know it’s something, and I see her eyes filled with doom


The next day she come home,  here they go fighting, her mother and her mother’s mother

Her father is phoned, and soon comes with her sisters and her brother


Her mother tells her she will be back, for her soon one day

But longing for something she lacked, the price she and her mom had to pay


The first month with her dad, could have been better

Suprisingly, it wasn’t that bad, and sometimes she would get letters


She missed her mom dearly, she would see her sometimes

Until she learned something dreary, depressing along those lines


Soon, she would see her mom in rehabilization, not something she wanted to see

Why she had to go to that confindmentation, is something she did not want to believe


Then, it happened she walked to her bedroom door, she didn’t no what to even say

A picture and a picture more, and she found that her dad’s girlfriend, was here to stay


How did she feel, she thought she was happy as can be

But to be real, she was blind and couldn’t see


From that point on, all her feelings were hid

They were gone, and never found again

After that moment she was always accused, and being treated different

They said she was never true, and fulll of resentment


Well, for years this kept going, with something added to it

For her other family is her longing, and abuse was something that bit


Emotionally and physically hurt, but not as much

Mentally is something that threw her in the dirt, and tore all three up


The day she tried to speak out, it didn’t even work

She was too scared to whisper or shout, the ways she had be hurt


So it kept building up until she got in trouble, and she knew that eventually it would only take one hit

So, then the family little secret fell into ruble, and the social worker told him about the beatings, to spare it


He yelled and yelled about how he didn’t want to see her anymore

How she would fail, just like her mother and she would be something he would ignore


Her mother returns and much better than before

From her mistakes the girl does learn and loves her mom even more


Although her father still wants his control and wants her life in his hands

And when he comes she stops, drops, and rolls and as there’s still something she doesn’t understand


She believes her life is great now, all though she is still longing

She thinks about how, it could be better if her father would just keep going


But her mother is in her life, and so is her family still

She is still going through strife, figuring out how she feels


She out of that home and has a long way to come

A million things unknown, and its stil 5,000 to none


Life is a burden to this girl, it feels as though it always wants to tear her apart.

There’s always tons to deal with in her world,  but sticking it through is her art







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