As long as I breathe


The Dark Place
United States

Have you ever fell on your bed crying?

Have you ever sat down alone begging for someone to understand?

Have you ever felt like it'd be better dying?

Don't be scared I am here to take your hand.

I know it feels like the world is falling.

I know it seems there will be no end.

I know that you are silently bawling.

Calm down. Breathe in. I am your friend.

You can't find a job anywhere you go.

You can't figure out college at all.

You feel like everything is moving so slow.

Don't worry I won't let you fall.

You say you are lost with nowhere to turn.

You are flying through space on a dream.

You are scared that you will always get burned.

Calm down and please just look at me.

I am by your side through thick and thin.

I don't ever plan to leave.

There's to many places we haven't been.

Plus you'll never be alone as long as I breathe.


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