Lonely World


Thinking about my life 
I wonder when things will ever get right
I'm tired of the loneliness and depression 
And it sure isn't helping to be in a recession
Sometimes i wish i could get away

Go somewhere where troubles don't stay
And linger out in the open for everyone to see
I wish that they could just see me for me
And not my disabilities
I wish i had someone to be there for me

Through my tears and pain 
Through sun and rain 
Its hard living in this lonely world
Hard living in a family where im the only girl
Who has to fend for herself and be a woman

What did i do to get such a bad omen
Knowing that i have no succor
I sit right here in this chair and pour
My thoughts, my life onto this paper
People say things might get right later

Yet, still, im just that same little girl
Living in this same cold and lonely world
Fighting for my right to survive
Fighting for my family and friends to stay alive
But, i cant, im lonely.. I can't take this stress

Why can't people see that my life is a mess
Sometimes i ask, why me, why i
Why i'd have to be the one to suffer and cry
Cry everyday, every night, all alone 
With no one here to hear me grow

Grow old and tired but, still just a little girl
Living in this same hard, cold, and lonely world.
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