Tue, 01/12/2016 - 12:04 -- jezemog

Now, as I look upon this empty room  I am alone, but not quite lonely. Voices carry on, with no face.  Footsteps with no person.  What I have realized is.  There is no one left. Everyone's gone. I'm alone. Again. But.  They're here. The room, full.  Joyous laughs ring. Yet, I'll still wait here. It's not terribly strange. Although not alone, lonely.  Nobody here to help me through. What a strange feeling lonlieness is. I  may become completely secluded. Wondering what may become of me.  Fighting for even a fresh breath. It's what I always wanted. Once again, here I am. All alone at last. I am happy. All alone? Until. Wait. No air. Tiny space. You're nearly gone. What is happening? Merely the side affects. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Unless you give them control. Them you may ask? Don't be silly. There are voices inside of your head. Reminding you how pathetic you are. Always twisting up your insides. You can try to ignore them. Your only companions. They never leave you. You believe them. Comforted. Someone. Cares. Enough. To even talk. To you anymore.  That is not how it ends. Oh, well, maybe it could be. There will always be loneliness. Not everyone will fight for their soul. Then, the lonliness will attack again. 

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