The locksmith's escape

You gave me a locked box of pot metal bonds and salted hinges

Covered in scars of your own making

And scuffed by years of abuse

You handed it to me and I kept it safe

I stripped the paint and buffed the surfaces

Polished the rust and oiled the locks

And into each movement,

I poured the smelted remains of my iron heart and blackened soul

Your secrets remained in a thousand holds

All within this innocent little battered box

I took my strips of aluminum cans

My pick of steel and freedom break

And I hit those tumblers with all I could

I wanted to see you’re free with a smile on your face

You were my savior

I could repay you with this, at least

But I was only your locksmith

Who you needed to supplement

Only temporary,

Only to be reduced and reused.

I lifted that lid and inside that locked box was only a vial

A vial of poison brewed by your own steadied hand

Adorned by rotting flowers

Of the gardens that I had grown just for you

Those demons that you had said you vanquished

They grabbed my arms and struck my mind

The crimson beads strung by sharpened steel ribbon

Restraining my movements

And sharpened chains that burn my skin

They tear my words and tongue from my lips

And you leave me to accept this darkened fate

Your empty space marks the walls

With darkness replaced with emptiness

To numbness, I am accustomed

The prison

The only thing I’ve ever known

Now that I’m accustomed and befriended my demons

These angels that have fallen

And find my pain their pleasure

But do I care?


How could I?

Your toxins glimmer

Your only remembrance

Place the vial to my lips

And let me take that last freeing swig...



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