To live without

To live without you 

is just like any other day in my shoes

you act like you are always going to be here.

but when I go home and stare at my phone I realize that you really don't care

when I finally confessed my love for you when I thought I that I was not coming back 

was the same day that you desided to add me to your little heartbreaking game. 

Well baby I am over it. I put the gun in your hands now. 

Whatever you do now is up to you my love

if u shot me in the heart I wouldn't care because even that wouldn't hurt me as much as falling in love with you and getting rejected.

I wouldn't care if it was that one time and that's it but you CONSTANTLY throw it back in my face.

You flirt with me

and act like you really care

but really your just playing your game

but this time hunny I'm pulling the trigger.

But it's all fun and games for the boy that ripped out my heart and draged it away.

~dark heart 


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