A Little Mermaid With No Song

Ships passed in the craggy shore

She waved and beckoned them close

But none would come to her moor

Pearled tears were her only lure

And the sailors passed her in droves


Black shorelines were devoid of bones

Her sisters sang her shame so sweetly

Their mocking held in salty tones

As they lounged on their sailors’ bones

She could only watch the ships sail fleetly


“Come join me!” She sang, soundless and soft

But the seafaring Prince was deaf to her cries

On swift waves, his royal ship was lost

She sang and cried and begged so oft

While her sisters ensnared their own sweet prize


Alone on her shore, she wept in mute pain

Abandoned, bereft, with only her despair

She yearned for her own sailor to attain

To feel his burning breath, but alone she will remain

Alone with her songs which will never breathe air.

This poem is about: 
Our world



this is orginal and beautiful it reminds me of me user name in a game i play, i am called SilentSiren. good job well thought out

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