Listen! (Kids Today)

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 00:09 -- whodies


I want to find the words

The words to explain

explain how I feel

as a kid today


You try to listen

hear me struggle

to find the word

to make You understand


The Kids

The Kids are getting high

Cause they don't care if they die

And they're sick

Sick of living lies

in this nightmare dubbed life.


I want to scream

to say what's on my mind

You need to listen

don't just hear my tired voice

listen to The Kids


I wish I could tell You

Tell You that

I'm stuck in my head

that this body isn't my own

I don't belong

I don't understand


Who I am.

What I am.

How do I say

what words cannot explain

a feeling with a million labels

That You knock down to

"Kids Today"


I've got something to say.

Don't know how

But I need ready ears and mind

I need to speak, no, scream it out

until my feeble voice is hoarse


I'm stuck!

In my head!  In my body!

So unfamilar!

Damaged goods!

Listen! Listen!

(Out damned thoughts)

Help me! I'm trapped!



I want to tell you. To truly speak.

Human to Human.

Listen and hear my words struggle

Speak and only truth be told


These are my thoguhts.

Written. Not spoken.

But still...I beg...





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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