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I was taught Through the pages Of countless voices To love myself To love my life That I can change My perspective With an open-mind That I have an invincible Positive
  I want to find the words The words to explain explain how I feel as a kid today   You try to listen
Listen Our world calls out for help Listen Families living in the streets Listen Animals going extinct Listen Children crying themselves to sleep Listen
I have advice for whoever is listening. It’s not very good but I’ill try my best. I hate it when a book ends and I hate it when I accidently forget to replace the shampoo bottle before I get into the shower.
Sometimes we hear things people say, Jumping to conclusions without any way For either of us to clarify or explain, We just assume what we heard was meant to cause pain.  
I wish you could let me go, I wish you could let me be, I wish I could be anywhere but here,   And I know you think you're listening But I don't think you even hear me.
They say there are 44.5 million of us. Despite all the good, all I see on the news, is the rough. They say death is on the rise but, so is the list of overactive activists, determined to get this,
Everybody wants to be heard, but nobody wants to listen I'm no poet myself, I'm just a student with a vision to one day be known as an inspiration to many not be tossed down the ground like an old, copper penny 
He’s kind
 The kind of boy, the kind of heart you keep,
And he said that I did most things like I drove, like wildfire. And I shivered despite the searing heat.  
Floating in the lake of nothingness Words flowing in and out  They bear no meaning Or, do they?   Thrashing my arms and legs about Stuck in the thralls of life I am searching for an answer
Traveling steps, hand in hand Invincibly unbroken, surrepitiously hidden; We. Ripped away this current day,
​I was born in the land of the free​ where the land lord put a brother let you land in the streets
If I wanted to be heard I'd: shout from a rooftop sign a petition crash a party
What's in a word? A sentence? What's it worth to speak your mind when nobody can hear you. To be heard.   I want to scream, shout! But they are all deaf in their ignorance. To be heard.  
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