The Liquid Death

Whiskey is like liquid death in a bottle.

The man is excided to see the newborn bottle of whiskey in his hands

His addiction is uncontrollable when the bottle is empty

People find that he smells of death itself

But the way he looks at his newborn bottle is that of tenderness and excitement

As the bottle empties over the day

He becomes a monster

He is waving and storming around the house

His kids are frightened of his look

His wife shields their kids from his wrath

Nothing protected her from his newborn death

The death strikes

He collapses next to the pool of his wife's blood

His kids fear the bottle

They run from the bottle

Death cheers from inside the bottle

This is what It wanted

The liquid death leaves the man

Scared of his newborn deathly bottle

He cowers as his listens to the bottles cold laughing

Trying to resist its familiar calls

Whiskey is like liqid death in a bottle.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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