Lip Stick Stained Cigarette


Her lips get blacker and blacker, 

And the more they do, the more she masks them with red lipstick 


She claims she's got no regrets,

but she suppresses each grudge as she inhales another cigarette,

She's a typical brunette,

No kids, no pets...

She keeps to herself, she's not ready for a home just yet,


She longs for love some day,

but she knows she doesn't deserve it, she can't trust anyone enough to pray--

for, or believe the words that anyone could ever say

She's ambitious, but she's a hypocrite,

She's flirtatious, but she can never commit,

She's addicted to sex, but she refuses to get intimate,

Everything is a job to her:

"Nothing in life is free,"

That's all she ever says,

"If I want something from him, he's gonna want something from me!"


And finally she admits--

that she can't take it,

"I'm tired of this sh*t!!"

She swallows her pride,

and pretends to enjoy the ride,

and as she puffs another cigarette,

she buries another "non-existent regret"

and when she's done meditating,

She trashes another lipstick-stained cigarette....


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