This Lil' Girl

Behind,this fake smile,
Is a  sad,pathetic,ugly,Lil' Girl,
Hiding a million tears,
Within her "hyper" self,
But at night,This all changes,
The tears rolling out,like a severe Thunderstorm
And the blood racing like The Mississippi River,
  This lil'Girl scared&scarred.
Thinking of the past,
And worrying about the future,
Don`t know what to think,
All the happy&exciting moments,
Missing from Life
But,she`s getting use to it.
Being what she always thought she wouldn`t be,
The thought of cutting,
Always scared her,
but now,everynight,five scars occur at the least,
Beating,punching,flicking herself?
What did she do to deserve this kinda treatment?
Always mad,at herself and the world,
Mostly herself,For what she did.
She tells no one but her aunt,
Who`s her age.
"Why me?" She screams in her thoughts,
Sometimes even of suicide?
She`s considered but, to afraid,
Of the hurting the ones who actually love her?
Pssht,She thinks again,Who could actually love such a thing?
No one,No one could,such a thing,
but the thing,she thought about herself,
Others said were not,
But She disbelieves them all,
For all lies that have been told.
She`s done,done with life.
For now she`s saying Goodbye.

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Very powerful poem. I love the emotion in each word. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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