Life's Purpose is Flawless

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 18:49 -- Khirsty

First I learned to crawl and then I learned to stand up tall.
Next I learned how to walk and run
And now at full speed, a young woman I am to become.
My growth is flawless.

I am learning and observing at just the right speed
To morph into the young woman I am trying to be.
And because my journey has been filled with bumps,
Instead of giving up, I learned how to jump.
My resilience is flawless.

Along the road
as my journey goes
I befriended friends
and strived to avoid making foes
My affability is flawless.

As life carries on and I encounter new venues,
I feel assured that I will continue
to blossom into someone who will one day make a positive difference
In many people’s lives, especially those who face hindrances.
My dream is flawless.


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