Life's a Bitch


You’re a gift and a curse

Full of surprises, never rehearsed

You’re the good and bad

Joy and sad---ness

Less is more, more is less

The best things you give are free

And money doesn’t grow on trees

Why are there so many sayings about you?

All proven to be true

You’re such a bitch

For once with you, I’d like things to go without a hitch

But we all know that’ll never be true

It’s never that way with you

We all need a little ache every now and then,

And regrets about way back when

To reap what we sow

Because these things make us grow

What’s good without bad?

Happy without sad?

Calm without mad?

We need this stuff in our life

Ironically there’s good in strife,

Because you can’t appreciate the good without the bad

You’re such a bitch

But actually, I am glad




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