Life Vs. Death

If happiness is success in life,

then what is dying?

Everyone's hyped up on the thrill of life;

few are ready to go.

And when they do, who's prepared?

Even the one's who've expected it

scramble ferociously like ants.

Saying goodbyes,

planning, planning, planning.

When it's all over,

that is when the emotion sets in. 

Acceptance. Realism. Coming to terms.

It's all the same.

There's truth in the saying, "money can't by happiness."

It can get you from A to B,

but at the end of the day you're still holding on to a decaying branch on the side of a cliff.

You'll never able to touch the sky like it's a wall.

You'll never be able to bring back what's been destroyed.

Nothing's like the original.

So, if happiness is success,

what is dying?

What is leaving memories while your spirit walks away?

Why is death so tragic?

Because everyone is remembered.

Cared about.

Everyone has a story.

And everyone deserves success.


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