Life Is A Prison


Life is a prison

Won’t someone let me out?

There’s no one around

To hear when I shout.


Climb the walls of insanity

Jump into the pit of despair.

If I fall it won’t matter

There’s no one to care.


I used to wish for a window

So I could see clouds, sun and sky.

But there’s never going to be one

Because it makes me aim to high.


Watching freedom is painful

For those locked away.

Seeing love, joy, and happiness

Another price that we pay.


Hide the pain, move on,

Routine is the key.

Don’t let them know you’re not

What you’re pretending to be.


Lock it all away inside.

How badly it bodes.

Look out for the day

When it all just implodes.


Leaving nothing but the skin

Part of the functions too.

But killing all else

That was originally you.


So how do you grow,

With a time bomb inside?

Or how do you defuse it

Without killing it’s ride?


You Can’t.


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