Life, Breath-takingly Wonderful

Life, breath-takingly wonderful

I want to shout as I heave my insides out

Yet I feel so great

Emotional roller-coaster extremes

Ugly fat bloated feeling, one moment to the next

Beautiful, woman complete with each wiggle and kick

Hurt back, headaches and swollen feet

Nothing can shake the monumental significance

In my life you make

Ancient time old comforting ritual

Nurturing new life, yet you are uniquely different

But still the same

Engorged, leaky breast announce your presence

As much as the movement inside me

This single cell phase soon will divide

As I multiply in the body of the human race

Author’s Note: Birthing and pregnancy through old as mankind, still fascinates and humbles me. written to honor the experience women share while perpetuating humanity. Remember... God didn’t need a man to create Jesus, though He did need a woman named Mary. Cudos to all our women on the planet.


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Our world


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