As I think of the words to write

My mind seems to wander and run away from the life I see

I seek for the enjoyment of life and all it can give me

Yet I’ve realized that it isn’t easy


Life is full of trials and tribulations that whirl around me to the point where it suffocates me in its hold

Life is something that I will never understand

My smile can drop to a frown in mere seconds as you utter only words to me

Life can break me down ,and turn me ,and make me feel nothing

Numb, broken

Life makes me angry, depressed , and its fills me with happiness all at the same time

All of us seem to suffer here and yet we all still live our lives


Why? Why?


Does this pain eventually fade away ?

Or do I just sit here and wait as I write these words down and continue to wonder and hope that someone, something can give me an answer?

Is life filled with these problems to show who I am with my perseverance?

Fuck that and screw whoever made that a rule


Life isn’t suppose to make me want to go home and cry at night

Life shouldn’t make me feel like I’m an outcast

Life shouldn’t make me want to completely run away from it and escape in my head where the grass legitimately seems greener

Life is a joke just like the words I write in this poem as I try to compose how angry I am it and how frustrating it is that I can’t change the way I live


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