Life’s Complications

I sit in boredom

Feeling so much haste

This generation including myself,

Have no time to waste.

We all sit on technology,

Blinded from the earths beauty,

There is so much to see

Just look at earths beauties!!!

Humans are amazing,

we are all complicated too.

We all strive for perfection,

but some refuse to admit it too.

We all have those bad days,

including myself too!!!

We have so much time left!!!

We all know its true,

but if you spend time loving life,

Life will love you too.

Its best that you trust me,

because I trust you too.

So if you spend life trusting me,

I will trust you too.

Its just the way life goes,

Life is complicated too.

At least the one thing we all know,

is that you deserve life too.



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